German WWI Gravedigger’s “Hate” Belt

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German WWI Gravedigger’s “Hate” Belt- Personnel who were assigned to the duty of burying the fallen would often take a token "payment" from the uniform of the deceased soldier. Because no-one liked this duty, it's also referred to as a "hate" belt. This belt is from the first war as most of them are. This 35” belt is produced in a worn, light brown leather with a military type steel catch. It does appear to have been trimmed at the end. This belt will fit a size 33 waist. There is a very nice early two-piece Heer buckle. This has a very nice bronze tone. The silver rondel shows great detail and retains the majority of its silver finish. The belt is a light brown and is still soft and supple. There are 9 imperial buttons attached to this belt. An interesting collectible.