German WWII Bronze Dive Bomber Operational Flying Clasp

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German WWII Bronze Dive Bomber Operational Flying Clasp- Beautiful unmarked bronze example with perfect details to the wreath and oak leaf design. This bronze would be awarded for 20 operational flights. The diving bomb retains the majority of its burnished finish. Single rivet, textbook, construction. This has a silvered pin with great tone. The full pin assembly is intact. This is an excellent example.

History: The heavy, medium and dive bomber’s operational flying clasp was introduced by Reichsmarschall Hermann Göring on January 30th, 1941, along with two other clasps in a series of eight that were instituted at different points throughout the war to recognize the increasing number of operational flights achieved by specialized Luftwaffe personnel. All eight of the clasps were awarded in three grades. Bronze for twenty operational flights. Silver for sixty operational flights. Gold for only 110 operational flights. Besides the original three clasps, five more Operational flying clasps were introduced between November 1941 and April 1944. By mid-1942 many pilots and air crews were surpassing the number of operational flights required for the award of the clasps, so on June 26, 1942 Reichsmarschall Hermann Göring introduced a starburst pendant device to recognize operational flights over 110. In the case of the heavy, medium and dive bombers clasps, the starburst pendant device signified four hundred operational flights. On April 29th, 1944 a numbered pendant was introduced as personnel’s operational flight numbers even exceeded the prescribed number required for the starburst pendant. The numbered pendants began at “200” and went up as high as “2000” in increments of one hundred.