German WWII DJ Pennant

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German WWII DJ Pennant-This flag is a double sided DJ Pennant made of a soft black bunting. One side of this flag shows the DJ rune symbol, and the other displays a Hitler Youth Diamond. It measures 16 inches wide by 29 inches in length. The white sieg rune is separately applied onto one side. The white of the sigil is age toned, but in very good condition. This rune symbolizes "victory" by the way. The other side of the pennant shows a multi piece, separately applied Hitler youth diamond. The white is age toned, but red is still vibrant and bright.  The DJ or Deutsches Jungvolk in der Hitlerjugend is German for "German Youngsters in the Hitler Youth") was the separate section for boys aged 10 to 13 of the Hitler Youth organization. Through a program of outdoor activities, parades and sports, it aimed to indoctrinate its young members in the tenets of Nazi ideology. Membership became fully compulsory for eligible boys in 1939. By the end of World War II, some had become child soldiers. After the end of the war in 1945, both the Deutsches Jungvolk and its parent organization, the Hitler Youth, ceased to exist. During the time of the DJ, there were many individual groups that had their own flags. This is a generic flag.  If this DJ group joined a specific district, district patches may be added later, to the corner of the flag. But as this is a generic flag, and is special as it displays both the HJ symbol and the DJ symbol. Very interesting. The other thing that is interesting is that this flag was brought home by a US veteran. We will supply the name of the veteran and some additional paperwork to the buyer. This flag is in very good condition!  Great display size.