German WWII Grenzbrigade Küste Cap Tally

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German WWII Grenzbrigade Küste Cap Tally-This cap tally is made of a rayon like black cloth that has golden BeVo style embroidery that reads “Grenzbrigade Küste”. This indicates that this would have been worn by a coastal border patrol agent. This measures approx. 59 inches in length. This is in excellent condition. 

History: "The Grenzkommando Küste (GKK) (Coastal Border Command), with headquarters at Rostock, deployed a coastal brigade (Grenzbrigade Küste) consisting of twelve marine battalions and several boat battalions and companies to guard the GDR's relatively small coastline along the Baltic Sea. For command-and-control purposes, the GKK was incorporated into the GDR's People's Navy (Volksmarine)."