German WWII Model 33 SS Dagger by Klaas***STILL AVAILABLE***

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German WWII Model 33 SS Dagger by Klaas- This an interesting model retaining virtually all of the characteristics associated with an early production dagger. These include solid nickel cross guards, and scabbard fittings, along with an anodized scabbard. The black ebony handle has a nice fit but there is a noticeable crack and chip on the upper left side of the runic button. There is a small amount of wood missing. There is a slight bit of discoloration on the reverse of the cross guard. The crossguard does have a Roman Numeral I marked on the reverse of the lower cross guard. This I code represents Munich. The anodizing on the scabbard is in place with some light rust spots. There is a dent and split on the boot of the lower scabbard fitting. The blade has a deep motto, which translates to “My Honor is Loyalty”. The reverse of the blade has the Klaas logo deeply etched. This blade has been both cleaned and there is approx. ½ inch of the tip of the blade missing.  Please be aware of this. There is serial number 69368 etched under the cross guard. This could be a potential research project for someone. 

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