German WWII NSDAP TeNo Stick Pin

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German WWII NSDAP TeNo Stick Pin-This features the motto of the TeNo organization in enamel. They have very minor wear. The pin is straight. This is an issue piece with a serial number and Ges.Gesch marked on the reverse. There is some verdigris on the reverse of each. The enamel work on the front is outstanding. Knurled stickpin. We have a few of these, and the one you receive will be in as good if not better than the one photographed. Very good condition!  

History: TeNo, Technischen Nothilfe (Technical Emergency Corps), was originally established in September 1919, of trained, voluntary, civilian personnel to maintain and repair essential services in the event of a natural disaster or emergency. Many of its personnel were ex-service men, and a large amount of them had some type of specialized technical training which was key to its mandate. TeNo was a civilian organization administered under the Minister of the Interior, until mid-1939, when it became an official State organization under control of the Police, which in turn was controlled by the SS. With this change in status, a small nucleus of salaried officials was employed to run the organization. As the war dragged on, TeNo became increasingly a paramilitary organization with its direction becoming more controlled by the Waffen-SS.