German WWII Pair of Rubber Stamps

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German WWII Pair of Rubber Stamps-These are a bit more crudely made than the round stamps but they are just as nice with the natural toned wood. The handle is smooth and shows only the usual wear. Each one of these stamps are interesting, one measures 3 inches in length, and the other is 1 ½ inches long. You can tell that these are authentic by the stud on the front of the handle The copies do not always have these. This stud on the handle lets you know where the front of the stamp is. The 3-inch stamp is for the Oberfinanzpräsident Westmark who was the Chief Financial Officer of Westmark.  The smaller stamp is for Hauptman und W.B.O who was a captain. We are unsure what the WBO signifies but it could mean, Weiterbildungs Offizier (training officer). We have also been told that it could mean Wehrmachtsbefehlshaber Ostland. It was the chief German military position in occupied countries and responsible for military security, protecting transport links and recording harvests. Both stamps are in very good condition. IMPORTANT NOTE! The rubber separated from the wood on each of these and at some point they were glued back on. They are properly oriented and will work as intended (if you intend to use them lol)