German WWII Police Officer’s Sword by Clemen and Jung***STILL AVAILABLE***

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German WWII Police Officer’s Sword by Clemen and Jung-***STILL AVAILABLE***Very scarce offering, as this has an engraved presentation blade, but we will get to that later. The nickel “D” guard hilt is uncleaned but has damage to the pommel cap area where it appears it has been soldered and will not turn. There is a slight space at the top of the handle where the metal fittings come together, but the handle itself is not loose. This piece must have sat out in a garage for some time, as there are white paint spots not only on the handle, but also on the entire length of the scabbard. Please see pictures to understand what I am getting at. The handle itself retains the wire wrap and the silver backstrap. The nickel-plated fittings on the hilt as well as the scabbard remain 70% intact. The correct police officer’s eagle is in place. The scabbard paint is 90% in place but bear in mind it has the white paint spots. The blade is beautifully engraved on both sides and has the deeply etched Clemen and Jung logo on the back of the blade. The center of the obverse of the blade is deeply engraved and translates very loosely to “On behalf of his 25 years of loyal service presented by the comrades of Regiment 6.” The blade itself is in beautiful condition, but once again, a close look indicates that the blade has been soldered in place under the cross guard. My honest conclusion is that these adjustments have been made by a collector because the overall piece was loose fitting. Taking all of this into consideration, I will call the condition very good.