German WWII Preliminary Record for POW Report for Jakob Nagel

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German WWII Preliminary Record for POW Report for Jakob Nagel-Jakob Nagel was in the State sectioned postal service, and was arrest on the 23rd of May in 1945 at Flensburg. I cannot find any history on this person, except that the top of his left ear was severed, and he was arrest at 46 years old. Unsure what he was charged with and what the conclusion was. I can assume like other civil servants, they who were used as witnesses during the Nuremberg trials, this may have been his fate as well, but we have no proof of this and this is speculation.  $50

Note: These are original vintage reprints of Prisoner of War Preliminary reports These are guaranteed as described. This paperwork would have been a prisoner “intake form”, with all of the individual’s personal details including the prisoner's name, fingerprints, place of birth, next of kin, date of capture, date of arrival, date of transfer, physical description, distinguishing marks, etc.

Copies of these would have been supplied to the different departments that needed access to this information. This is one of the vintage reprints that survived from the infamous Allied prisoner-of-war camp in the Palace Hotel of Mondorf-les-Bains, in Luxembourg, code named "Camp Ashcan". Each card is annotated "CCPWE #32", an abbreviation for the Central Continental Prisoner of War Enclosure #32. Operating from May to August 1945, it served as a processing station and interrogation center for the 86 most prominent surviving Nazi leaders prior to their trial in Nuremberg, including Hermann Göring and Karl Dönitz.