German WWII Railway Lantern Deutsches Reichsbahn

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German WWII Railway Lantern Deutsches Reichsbahn-This is a nice little lantern that would have been used on the National Railway. Unfortunately, this has been repainted with a heavy black paint. It gives this lantern a great look. You can read Dresden-28 and faintly see the DR logo under the paint. The glass screen is clean, clear and free of scratching and age toning. There is a removable brass carbide burner. On either side of the lamp are doors that allow access to the burner within. If you are not familiar with a carbide lantern, let me quickly tell you how it works. Thanks to our friend Gene, I learned that there is an upper reservoir on this lantern, that you fill with water. There is a small threaded valve that controls the rate of the water. The water drips into the chamber containing the calcium carbide. This causes a reaction that releases acetylene gas, which burns, hence your lantern light. An acetylene gas powered lamp produces a bright, broad light. There is a round mirror behind the light to act as a reflector.  The back of the lamp bears the embossed WWII military DR Nazi ‘Reichsadler’ (National Eagle) logo. The top of the lamp has a black wooden carry handle. A sound looking example with a lot of history behind it.