German WWII “Ritter von Epp” Street Sign VERY RARE

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German WWII “Ritter von Epp” Street Sign-Wow! Wait until you see this. This would look great in anyone’s man cave! This is a VERY RARE “Ritter von Epp Strasse” sign. We have seen signs for Rommel, and for Hitler of course, but this is a very rare example for Franz Ritter von Epp.  By the way, Ritter isn’t a name, it is a title, and actually translates to Knight. Epp was knighted in 1918. He was also Reichskommissar, and later Reichsstatthalter, for Bavaria, as well as a Reichsleiter of the Nazi Party. This sign measures 31 ½ inches in length by 5 inches wide. It has a heavy white paint (enamel), with a black gothic script. You can tell that this sign was hung, as you can see wear on the corners. On the corners of this sign, are holes where this would have been bolted onto a wall or pole. This is extremely rare, and something we’ve never encountered before. As one of our customers has provided details, there are only three known streets with this name, which we will add photos for your viewing (thank you TM).  Additional shipping may apply.