German WWII Water Police Insignia

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German WWII Water Police Insignia-These beautiful, textbook original Water Protection Police sleeve eagle patches have been together since before 1945. They were brought home on the original roll. These depict the classic wreathed eagle and swastika emblem of the German police. They are Bevo, made with dark blue and gold thread, on a dark blue rayon backing. Bevo insignia such as this were made in long strips or rolls. GIs often grabbed these rolls to bring home since they were easy to pack into their rucksack. The condition of these Water Protection Police sleeve eagle patches is unissued, and excellent. The Water Police Protection sleeve eagle was worn on the uniforms of the Wasserschutzpolizei, a sort of coast guard and river police force who protected Germany’s rivers, harbors and inland waterways. An underappreciated division.  We have several of these, and the one you receive will be as good if not better than the one in the photos.