Imperial German Military Stein

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Imperial German Military Stein-This great stein is extremely colorful and it is in fantastic condition! It is for 10th Infantry Regiment Prince Ludwig, 11th Company Ingolstadt member Johann Wolpl. The date is 1895/97. It has the standard “in memory of my service time” script along with “in camp” and “farewell”. A rather funny quote is seen as well. It reads “Eher soll die werder derben, als vor durst ein Bayer sterben” or “If anything, it should be rougher, like a Bavarian dying of thirst”. The silver plating on the lid is missing, but present on the interior of the lid. The bottom of the base has a few small wear spots. All of the color etc. is mostly intact and just amazing. The only missing finish is around the base and is it very slight. There is a maker mark on the stein, indicating that this was made by the firm of L. Walk of Munich. When you open the lid and put the base up to the light, you can clearly see the lithophane in the base. This is a 1-liter example. Excellent!