Imperial German Model 1849 Engraved Sword***STILL AVAILABLE***

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Imperial German Model 1849 Engraved Sword-This is a very handsome example. It has a steel grip and a knuckle bow that is made of a toned steel. The finish on the pommel does show some light rusting but otherwise, the bow and crossguard have a very nice gray color to it. The handle has the brass twisted grip wire over the Bakelite handle. The scabbard retains 85% of its original black finish. The blade is a thing of beauty. The double engraved blade has a blue panel on both sides that holds the name of the regiment on one side, and a beautiful scene of horses and soldiers on the move. The engravings and the blade itself are excellent. This blade measures 37 ½ inches in length. This model 1849 sword is not maker marked and is a very good example of an early sword. 

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