Incredible, One-of-a-Kind Hermann Göring Presentation Box

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Incredible, One-of-a-Kind Hermann Göring Presentation Box-This is a box inside a box lol! We do not know what special document etc. that this was meant for but it had to be something extra amazing. The outer box is leather covered wood. It is fairly nondescript aside from some gold embellishments. It does have some wear to the bottom and the edges. It could some glue in a few spots around the hinges but it is holding together pretty well. The compartmented interior is fully lined in red satin. This is where the fun starts. There is a wooden cassette wrapped in engraved blonde leather, super ornate with huge brass embellishments at each corner. The are large brass locks with leather straps. This appears to have some sort of hunting motif as there are deer, birds etc. There is a large Göring crest in the center, rendered in brass and being quite ornate as well. This is very heavy and extremely well made. The reverse is not quite as fancy but it is still pretty special. There are corner embellishments that are similar to the front. There is a central plaque with a star in the center. The interior is compartmented and lined in bronze satin. Smooth red cloth lined the edges and sides. The outer box measures 22 ½” by 16 ¾” 4 7/8”. The inner cassette measures 19 ½” by 15” by 3”. This was definitely for something special, perhaps some sort of book like a Mein Kampf? Who knows but what we do know is that it is really impressive!