INCREDIBLE Presentation Document and Box from Franz Joseph I, Emperor of Austria

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INCREDIBLE Presentation Document and Box from Franz Joseph I, Emperor of Austria-This is an incredible piece! It is huge and heavy! It is dated January 24, 1867. This impressive piece is in recognition of receipt of the Austrian Order of the Iron Crown, 3rd Class. It was presented to Heinrich Friendrich Albrecht Rogge. 

From Wikipedia…He was a German theologian and local historian. 

Adolf Rogge's parents were Johann Friedrich Rogge, accountant at the consistory of the Prussian Protestant Church in Königsberg, and Friederike Keßler († 29 June 1843). After attending the Old Town Gymnasium in Königsberg, Rogge studied theology at the Albertina from 1848 to 1851. After working temporarily as a private tutor, he worked as a teacher (governor) at the cadet school in Kulm in West Prussia from 1853 to 1856. He was ordained on September 30, 1856. He then worked as a preacher at the village church in Pobethen (now Russian: Romanowo) in Samland and as a pastor in Hohenfürst (now Polish: Wyszkowo) in the Heiligenbeil district (1861–1868). He then worked as a pastor and superintendent in Darkehmen until his death in 1886. Rogge studied the history of his later sphere of influence intensively and published his research results on the districts of Heiligenbeil, Darkehmen, the parishes of Pobethen and Hohenfürst as well as the Balga district in specialist history journals. On May 15, 1863, he married Louise Antonie Wilhelmine, daughter of the manor owner and retired major Pachnio at Groß-Hasselberg. His son Ernst Heinrich (* January 6, 1878 in Darkehmen) received his doctorate in 1903 from the University of Kiel with a thesis in history. His son Christian became a Protestant pastor and served as general superintendent in the Rhineland from 1911 to 1912.

The document states, among many things on its seven pages, it states that “During the war in 1866 (of course the Austro-Prussian War) he supported the successful establishment of the Vienna Volunteer Corps and the Volunteer Regiment through his own notable donations and influence”. “In recognition of this meritorious activity as well as the loyalty he has shown, I present to him….”. The next page of the document refers to him as “Ritter von Rogge”, as receipt of this award would then designate the recipient a title of mobility, in this case “ritter” or ‘Knight”. The document itself is massive, measuring 15 ½” by 12”. It is hard brown leather bound, with an extremely ornate front cover having gilt decorations throughout. Each corner has a small gilt metal square with a green marble embellishment. One of these is missing. The center of the front cover has a large shield with a crown. The center has an anchor with a winged wheel superimposed over a blue background. The anchor etc. is nickel silver. It has a gold cord in the binding. The bottom left corn of this cord holds a HUGE, heavy round metal (brass I believe) disc. This disc opens to reveal a large brown stamp of the coat of arms for the emperor. The cover of this disc has another coat of arms which has the personal motto of the emperor, “Viribus Unitis” or “with united forces”. There is so much more to these pages, it would be impossible to say it all here. But the final signature page should be discussed. It says “In our Imperial Headquarters in Vienna…….” It is hand signed by Emperor Franz Joseph I and then by “der minister” who I cannot identify. The bottom right says “Nach Seiner k.k. Apostolischen majestät höchsteigenem Befehle” which translates to “According to His Imperial and Royal Apostolic Majesty's Highest Command”. This is also hand signed. This incredible piece is housed in an equally extraordinary case of issue. Let’s start inside. It is compartmentalized and even the gold disc has its own compartment. It is fully lined in green satin and green leather. The hinges are brass. The brown leather exterior is highly stylized as you can see. There is a huge brass coat of arms in the center. The case itself measures 19” by 16”. There is minor wear to the exterior. It even has a special lock with key. This is absolutely incredible and certainly one of a kind. Like nothing else we’ve ever had to offer!