Interesting Photo and Document Grouping for Luftwaffe FJR6 Paratrooper

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Interesting Photo and Document grouping for Luftwaffe FJR6 Paratrooper KIA in Normandy-This grouping includes 10 training photos, 3 award documents, a document from the Center for War Losses and Prisoners and modern correspondence between collectors regarding the grouping. Gefreiten Hans Fischer was a member of FRJ7 and eventually FJR 6 during the Normandy campaign. The included correspondence details much about his unit and its fate. He was killed, most likely, at La Barquette on or around June 8, 1944. The letter from the Center for War Losses and Prisoners is dated 23 June 1944 and is informing his family that he was assumed to have been taken prisoner but that they would keep them posted once they knew his exact fate. The award documents are for the Paratrooper badge, awarded to him as a Jäger on 20. Juli 1942, the AFRIKA cuff title, awarded to him as a Gefreiten on 1.5.1943 and the Black Wound Badge, as a Gefreiter on 20.Juli 1943. There is probably more research that can be done! A great grouping!