Japanese Field Phone with Leather Carrier

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Japanese Field Phone with Leather Carrier- This Type 92 was the standard issue Japanese field telephone during the war. These phones come in their own wooden box, however, this example also comes with a substantial leather carrier with shoulder strap. The inside lid of the phone case has full instructions for use. The leather carrier is made of high-quality leather. There were reinforced leather parts for the sides, but these have come unattached from the leather bag. I do not see any markings on the carrier but there is a small pocket under the lid to hold what I assume would be small tools. The telephone is complete with its handset and the often missing crank handle. It is missing the additional ear piece that came with these. The crank handle in good shape with a bakelite handle that is very good. The wood and metal case is also in very good condition, showing normal age and wear, with a data plate on the front cover with the maker name of Social Electric Company, and the date of manufacture, which I can’t translate. There is also a serial number listed. The lid locks in position properly, and the front portion of the body will unlock and pivot forward, revealing the internals for maintenance and battery replacement. There is also the inline fuse module, which is used in some configurations. The back has a push button, not sure if this is the power button or not.  This might make a fun research project and is a rare example.