Magdeburg 23.2.1936 Einweihung S.A. Ehrenmahl der Gruppe

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A very large (diameter about 2”) coin-shaped “tinnie” with beveled outer edge, stamped from lightweight sheet metal and given a brass finish. The image appearing on the tinnie is apparently the Monument itself – a stylized eagle (almost like the U.S. Mail eagle), with three figures alongside / beneath it. The inscription appears around the outer circumfrence “Magdeburg 2/23/1936 – Dedication of the Group Mitte SA War Memorial”. There is one small pen point sized dent in the top part of the background area, but no other flaws. The brass finish has toned to a dusky shade over the obverse. The reverse is also dark, and the area from about the 10 o’clock to 1 o’clock position has surface oxidation, which runs onto the pin solder as well (the majority of the oxidate would likely clean up with some WD-40). Horizontal pin, in good condition.