Mittelmeerreisen KDF Tinnie

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This is made of Bakelite; it is missing all of its original blue finish (revealing a copper base finish) and has some minor verdigris. It is six-sided, with the front depicting a Venetian motif. It shows a gondola being rowed with a couple as passengers. In the background is a large, fancy building. The bottom has the script “Mittelmeerreisen KDF 1938 1939”. “Mittelmeerreisen” translates to “Mediterranean Sea Voyage”. The KdF (Kraft durch Freude - Strength through Joy) was a large state-controlled leisure organization in the Third Reich, and was part of the DAF. It was set up as a tool to promote National Socialism to the people, and was the world’s largest tourism operator in the 1930’s. The reverse has a long, vertically mounted brass pin. This is an interesting tinnie that is in sound condition!

Item #: M-1000a