Rare AZAD Hind Award in Gold w/ Swords

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Rare AZAD Hind Award in Gold w/ Swords-Very scarce! This decoration was originally founded in 1942 by Subhas Chandra Bose to reward the Indian Legion for gallantry and valor in battle. It was most likely awarded only in 1944 though.  The medal could be awarded to either Germans or Indians. The grades for valor in combat feature crossed swords, and the grades for non-combative service do not feature crossed swords.  The Gold and Silver Medals are also known "Shahid-e-Bharat" (Martyr of India) and they were conferred upon the families of fallen soldiers. The only maker of this medal was Rudolf Souval. The gold finish on this medal is amazing, as are the details. The obverse shows a left facing Bengal tigers, over the text AZAD HIND above lotus leaves. The reverse bears a central inscription of “INDIENS FREIHEITS KAMPF” (“INDIA'S FREEDOM STRUGGLE”). The original ribbon is present, and still vibrant, although the reverse portion does have some damage and discoloration. Other than this, the medal is near excellent and a rare find. It is sobering to remember that this gold medal was given to the family of a fallen soldier.