Rare DDAC Official’s Visor Cap

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Rare DDAC Official’s Visor Cap- This visor cap was worn by an official of “Der Deutsche Automobil Club” which is roughly equivalent to the present-day AAA. The body of the cap is produced in light gray trikot weave wool that is very clean with just ever so slight wear to the top panel. There is a blacked ribbed center band. The insignia is very impressive! It features a circular, black badge cloth disk, which has bullion wreath with acorn around the motto of the organization. This features a silver flat wire eagle with bullion swastika and letters DDAC. The officer’s type double chin cord is securely affixed to the cap via a pair of pebbled metal buttons. The visor is lined with the same material as the body of the cap. The interior is fully lined in a grey rayon. There is a diamond shaped clear moisture shield which has the nomenclature of the manufacturer, which says “LLD:. There is a light brown ersatz leather sweatband that has minor discoloration from use as well as a few small tears. It is a size 57. Unfortunately, the reinforcement at the front of the cap has detached and is poking through the liner (please see pics). This causes the cap to have a slightly odd shape but this is cured when on a mannequin or when a hat form is added. A scarcely encountered example!