Vintage Samurai Sword***STILL AVAILABLE***

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Vintage Samurai Sword-My knowledge on this is very limited and I am relying on an individual who I trust has solid knowledge pertaining to early samurai swords and was told this was an old sword but we are not sure of the age. I did not take it apart and do not intend to do so. The entire length of this sword is 36 inches and the blade rates excellent. The blade has a groove on the top and measures approx. 25 ½ inches long. The handle has a beautiful, pebbled leather wrap that covers the simulated sharkskin. The manuke is very ornate and I hope you can pick up the details when looking at the photos. The pommel cap is also nicely engraved. The tsuba is made of a steel and does have a bit of gold leaf on some of the detailing, but overall, these are very difficult to make out. This has a handsome black wooden scabbard. Overall excellent display piece.

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