Third Reich Police Gendarmerie Officer Visor Cap

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Third Reich Police Gendarmerie Officer Visor Cap-This example was a period upgrade from an “other ranks” cap. This is produced in blue grey wool. It is clean, but there are a few areas of tracking. This is not limited to the top panel, there are a few spots on the body as well. The orange piping is fully intact. The center band is chocolate brown badge cloth. The insignia is aluminum and in fine condition. This is other ranks style. The chin cord is the officer type in silver bullion with a pair of silver finished pebbled metal buttons. The black vulkanfibre visor is lightly crazed and has minor fading only. The underside is cross hatched and finished in an orange brown hue. The top panel of the interior is orange brown oil cloth while the sides are orange brown cloth There is minor wear and discoloration only. There is a rhomboid shaped moisture shield which has the maker nomenclature. The cap was produced by Robert Lubstein of Berlin, aka “eReL”. It is size stamped 57. The sweatband is ersatz leather which is stiff with a few tears. A sound overall example!