Third Reich Postal Officials Visor Cap

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Third Reich Postal Officials Visor Cap-This is for a lower rank official. The body of the cap is produced in blue wool. It is excellent and very clean. The orange piping is near mint, with only one small hole on the right side. The center band is very soft dark blue velvet. Insignia consists of a small zinc eagle, a zinc cockade and an aluminum wreath. The wreath retains the finish while the cockade and eagle have only partial finish. The chinstrap is black leather and in fine condition. The visor is thin, shiny black vulkanfibre. The underside is finished in an orange brown hue. The top panel of the interior is orange brown oil cloth and the sides are orange brown cloth. The sweatband is tan ersatz leather and in fine condition aside from being stiff. There was a diamond shaped moisture shield but it is missing. It is a size 57. A great example overall!