UBER RARE Model 1916 Allgemeine SS Reissue Helmet

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UBER RARE Model 1916 Allgemeine SS Reissue Helmet-This is a very scarce and desirable piece! It has been reissued a few times, starting life of course as an Austrian produced WWI combat helmet. Traces of the original green finish are visible where the SS reissue black paint is missing. Speaking of which, it is clearly brushed on and checks in at about 75% intact. There are a few small dings and dents in the shell, very common. The right side has a party shield that is nicely toned and remains 80% intact. The right side has an SS runic shield which is also lightly toned, shows some crazing and remains 75% or so intact. Very nice! One of the reissues included an upgrade to the Model 1931 liner system. This consists of a non-reinforced aluminum liner band and the newer style leather liner. The band is very early, dated 1931. It is maker marked and size stamped 66. The liner is in fine condition aside from being very dark from, mostly likely, being treated. This preserved it nicely as it remains very soft still. There is also a drawstring. The shell does not appear to be marked but even if it was you probably would not be able to see it under the reissue finish. There is a brown leather chinstrap which is maker marked (hard to read) and has aluminum fittings. Wow! This is a great looking example!