WWI German Army Buckle w/Tab

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WWI German Army Buckle w/Tab-This is an early steel combat buckle that retains the majority of its original olive-green finish. The buckle does have some spots of missing and finish that has lifted a bit. It is an uncleaned example and there is some visible wear. The reverse features a "U" shaped catch with steel roll bar and prongs. One of the legs of the catch seems to have been reattached at some point, but we believe this happened a long time ago. This has a great brown leather tab that is still soft and supple. It is marked with a maker name that begins with “K”, unfortunately the rest of the name is obscured.  We are guessing but it could be Keller Stock & Co? There is a nice date of 1917 and a location stamp of Neu.Ulm.  This is a very good example!