WWII German 10 x 80 Flak Binoculars

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WWII German 10 x 80 Flak Binoculars-Officially “Doppelfernrohr” (double telescope) 10 x 80 German gun sight binoculars, this set was produced by Josef Schneider & Co. (ordnance code dkl). These were used on the German Flak 36 (88 mm) gun. They are in good condition, with the tan finish checking in at 90% or more intact. There are adjustments for eye relief, width and a selection of various tinted filters, which rotate into place using the control on the left side. The dial is labeled klar (clear), hell (light), mittel (medium), and dunkel (dark). This set also includes the original padded head rest/shade, which is still soft. It is marked “D.R.G.M.”. The right side of the binocular body is marked “D.F. 10x8, dkl, 71457”. D.F. Is the abbreviation for Doppelfernrohr (double telescope), with 10 x 8 indicating the magnification power of the optics. Wartime serial numbers for this maker range from 5437 up to 82,036, indicating this is a later war example. The colored X's indicate the type of lubricants used on the set (this one is red). The optics are fairly clear and as mentioned all adjustments function fully. This comes in a wooden crate and has two of the long lens shades. The box has a lot of wear and a few holes (not sure if it is the original for this piece. Overall, very good!