WWII German 36th Mountain Corps Used Altimeter

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WWII German 36th Mountain Corps Used Altimeter-This is a fantastic piece. It is attributed to the 36th Mountaineering Corps which was stationed in Norway starting 9-1940 through the wars end. It is in its original light brown leather pouch which is dated 1936. There is a waffenamt as well. It is lightly padded inside with a super soft suede like lining and a strap with buckle on the top. The altimeter itself is beautiful! It is very heavy for its size and no doubt well built. It was manufactured by “R.Feuss” of Berlin-Steglitz. The body is plated nickel. The read out is of course measured in meters. The face says Höhenmesser (altimeter) as well as Kompensiert (compensated). The back of the case is also stamped with the date ’36. We have not tested it but my thoughts are that it will work just like the day it was built. Amazing!