WWII German Parachute with Pack and Original Transit Canister

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WWII German Parachute with Pack and Original Transit Canister-Scarcely found! The canister is steel with a tan finish that is mostly intact. It is extremely well marked on all four sides and the cover which is removable via found heavy latches. The biggest script seen reads “Hoch-und Tiefabwurt”. Other script reads “weatherproof container for parachute equipment”. There are many other maker marks as well. Inside, there is a pack and a white silk chute which is not packed. There are multiple stamps on the chute. These include maker marks, an eagle and swastika, various quality control stamps and a few different dates, all from 1942. The pack is stamped “schnellklinkfallschirm” or “quick opening parachute”. There is a number ink stamped onto it which may be the date, 22 11 43. The cords are all intact. These are very hard to find this complete!