WWII German Provisional Certificate for the Knight's Cross of the Iron Cross

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WWII German Provisional Certificate for the Knight's Cross of the Iron Cross-This document was awarded to Unterofficer der Reserve Siegfried Deneke, Gruppenführer 6. Kompanie, II. Bataillon, Grenadier-Regiment 166, 82. Infanterie-Division, Heer on 9.06.1944. Certificate measures approximately 148mm x 207mm, double folded, exhibiting storage age, signed by Generalleutnant Burgorf 15.6.1944. included is his award certificate for 1. Stufe Nahkampfspangen dated 9.2.1944 measures ca. 139mm x 198 mm exhibiting storage age.

Date of birth: May 19th, 1908 (Dortmund/Westphalia, Germany), Date of death: March 16th, 1944 (Torkov). Promotions: August 6th, 1942: Obershütze; March 16th, 1944: Unteroffizier d.R.

The following press article from the Bremer Presse (dated 04.08.1944) describes why Deneke would be awarded the Knight’s Cross:

“On the 16.03.1944 a Bataillon fighting on the eastern front received the mission of creating a bridgehead and holding it until the Division’s Artillerie had withdrawn. However, it had to fight in order to even create such a bridgehead. Already in these initial stages Unteroffizier Deneke demonstrated exemplary bravery. He and his troops stormed ahead on the road towards the southeast and established themselves at the road junction with an MG. Deneke’s position here was of decisive importance for the occupation and holding of the bridgehead.

On the following night the enemy infiltrated into the nearest village in the bridgehead with strong forces coming in from the east. The ammunition ran out, and by the early morning hours of the next day the enemy was already in the rear of the bridgehead’s weak garrison. In this situation Unteroffizier Deneke stormed into the southeastern part of the village with his squad on his own initiative, fighting with blank weapons and hand grenades. Other parts of the Bataillon were able to take advantage of the confusion caused by this boldly led thrust, and they succeeded in throwing back the enemy.

By around 07:00 the ammunition had run out completely, and the continued holding of this position appeared to be impossible. In this critical moment Unteroffizier Deneke once again intervened in the fighting on his own initiative, fulfilling the leadership role that had been made vacant from the loss of the Kompanie commander and the Zugführers. Fighting once again with blank weapons, he and 15 men succeeded in assaulting the part of the village already occupied by the Soviets. During this operation he died a hero’s death, however his men held the newly conquered ground as a bulwark against the enemy attack until relief arrived.

Deneke’s brave deeds ensured that the Artillerie-Regiment of the Division and all of its equipment could be brought to safety.” The village referred to in this article was Shabokritsch.

His other awards Ehrenblattspange des Heeres und Waffen-SS Awarded on: June 29th, 1944, Eisernes Awarded on: October 28th, 1943 (According to other source awarded on 4-11-1943), Eisernes Kreuz 2. Klasse Awarded on: March 5th, 1943. Very good condition!