WWII Imperial Japanese Navy 15 x 80 Binoculars

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WWII Imperial Japanese Navy 15 x 80 Binoculars-These are huge! They are an impressive 18” long overall. They are finished in a greenish gray hue. The finish is mostly complete. These are known as the “big eye” style and were used on battleships, destroyers, cruisers and other surface vessels. There is a metal tag on the body that has a stamped anchor. The script says something to the effect that “When the colored paper inside the binocular tube is a pink color then it needs to be dried”. There are four drying ports around the body of the binoculars. They are well marked all over with maker stamps. These were most likely produced in 1944. The movements of the barrels and the adjustments of the eye pieces is very stiff. They haven’t been used in a long time. The optics need to be cleaned. A great set and with a little cleaning, will be excellent!